Irresistible Grace

Introduction: Irresistible Grace, also known as Effectual Calling. This is the teaching that God’s calling of His people unto salvation is effectual and certainly results in them repenting of their sins, and in their coming to (that is, believing on) Jesus Christ. This does not mean that people (both elect and non-elect alike) do not … [Read more…]

Total Depravity

Introduction: Total Depravity, also known as Radical Corruption. This is opposed to the partial depravity of Arminianism, which attempts to marry the doctrine of man having an inborn sin nature to the concept of him having a free will. Total depravity does not mean that every man is as bad as he can be; but … [Read more…]

The Perseverance and Preservation of the Saints

Introduction: Perseverance of the Saints, also known as Preservation of the Saints. This is the teaching that God’s people will be kept through His power and pledge, and so, they will continue to walk in holiness, though not perfectly, and shall never be lost, nor shall they perish: Psalm 37:28; 89:24-37; 121:7-8; Proverbs 2:8; Jeremiah 32:40; John 6:37-44; 10:27-29; … [Read more…]

1 Thessalonians Chapter 5: Verse by Verse Exposition

First Thessalonians Chapter Five: Chapter Five Overview: vv.1-11: The manner of Christ’s return, the nature of His calling, and the contrast between true and false professors of Christ: vv.1-2: Paul’s reminder to an evidently worried congregation; the Lord’s sudden and unpredictable coming; v.3: Damning delusion of the world anticipated by Paul; v.4: Paul’s confidence in … [Read more…]

1 Thessalonians Chapter 4: Verse by Verse Exposition

First Thessalonians Chapter Four: Chapter Four Overview: vv.1-12: Exhortation to general sanctification, honesty, and diligence in labour: vv.1-4: The pretext (v.1), precept (v.2), practice (v.3) and perception (v.4) of piety. Beseeching Christians to greater holiness; reminder that they know the commandments; sanctification connected to obeying commandments; knowledge of how to walk; vv.5-6: How not to walk; … [Read more…]

1 Thessalonians Chapter 3: Verse by Verse Exposition

First Thessalonians Chapter Three: Chapter Three Overview: vv.1-2: Inability to forbear; the sending of Timothy; vv.3-4: Divinely appointed affliction, (Acts 14:22; 2 Corinthians 1:4-10; Philippians 1:29; 3:10; Colossians 1:24; 1 Peter 4:12); accurate foretelling of tribulation; v.5: Paul’s inability to forbear, and his pastoral response; vv.6-8: Timothy’s good tidings; the immensity and reason for Paul’s … [Read more…]

1 Thessalonians Chapter 2: Verse by Verse Exposition

First Thessalonians Chapter Two: Chapter Two Overview: v.1: Fruitful ministry; v.2: Boldness in the face of fearful, trying circumstances; v.3: Confidence in the purity of the message which Paul and his fellowlabourers brought; v.4: They were not self-appointed rogue preachers, but sent of God (cf. Romans 10:15); v.5: Godly ministers shun these two evils: flattery … [Read more…]

1 Thessalonians Chapter 1: Verse by Verse Exposition

First Thessalonians Chapter One: Chapter One Overview: vv.1-2: v.1: Greeting and benediction; v.2: Paul and his fellowlabourers show the constancy of their thankfulness and prayerfulness for the Thessalonian saints; vv.3-10: Recounting the fruits of the election and true conversion of the Thessalonians: v.3: Acknowledgement of the Thessalonians’ fruitfulness; vv.4-5: Acknowledgement of God’s sovereign electing grace and … [Read more…]

Assurance of Salvation: A Remedy for Doubt

The assurance of salvation is in Christ, not in self. This is mainly for Christians who are filled with doubts and are lacking in the assurance of salvation because they sincerely care about holiness, whilst they see nothing in themselves but the sin that makes their salvation necessary. If that describes you then you should actually rejoice, not that … [Read more…]

Two Maryams and a Fallible Revelation

My reason for writing this article: I do not put this argument forward for the sake of hurting anyone who believes the Qur’an. I do not intend to insult anyone, or to stir up strife. I intend only to offer and defend the truth. That being said, offering and defending the truth in this instance … [Read more…]