The King James Version

I hold to the King James Version as my preferred Bible translation, believeing it to be both an excellent translation in its own right, as well as the foremost translation of what I regard to be the faithfully preserved God-breathed masnuscripts, the Masoretic Text (the Hebrew Old Testament) and the Textus Recerptus (the Greek New Testament). I believe that God has in these manuscripts preserved His Word to all generations.

I do not count the King James, or any translation, as wholly inerrant; but I count it as excellent; nor do I count it as the only translation that is of use or benefit, noting that for example, the present tense particples in the Greek of 1 John 3:6-10 are more clearly evident in the English Standard Version than in the King James. That being said; I affirm the excellence and superiority of the King James to all other Bible translations.

This website gives good reasons to hold the King James Version in such high esteem:

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