Jesus is Jehovah

Jesus is Jehovah: Introduction: This article consists of seven propositions concerning the deity of Jesus Christ. All seven propositions are completely justified by quotations of Scripture. The Bible is clear on Christ’s deity. To reject Jesus as God is to reject Him as Saviour, for we must take Him as He presents Himself. If Christ is not … [Read more…]

Soteriology and the Cart Before the Horse

There are two main categories of soteriology in Christendom. All variations fall into one of these categories or the other. The phrase soteriology is from the Greek word “σωτηρία” (sōtēria), which means “salvation”. Soteriology is the technical term for the study of salvation. The two systems of soteriology are monergism and synergism. Though we can debate over which one is … [Read more…]