T.E. Watson – “Should Babies Be Baptized?” – An often overlooked book by a British pastor. Watson looks at all the paedobaptist arguments for infant baptism — in fact, only quoting from paedobaptists throughout the book — and shows how the paedobaptist arguments contradict one another and are contradictory in their exegesis. He also makes a positive exegetical argument for believer’s baptism:

Nehemiah Coxe and John Owen – “Covenant Theology from Adam to Christ” – An exploration of the covenant theology of the Congregationalist John Owen and the 17th century Particular Baptists. Though Owen was a paedobaptist, his later Covenant Theology (as seen in his Hebrews commentary) was different from other paedobaptists, and very similar to Particular Baptist Covenant Theology.

Pascal Denault – “The Distinctiveness of Baptist Covenant Theology” – Pascal compares and contrasts 17th century paedobaptist and credobaptist covenant theologies. An excellent introduction to a Baptist understanding of the covenants of Scripture and their relationship to the Covenant of Grace.

Jeff Johnson – “The Fatal Flaw In the Theology of Infant Baptism”:

Fred Malone – “The Baptism of Disciples Alone” – A former Presbyterian pastor explores the biblical arguments for believer’s baptism. In this book, Dr. Malone makes many incredibly strong exegetical arguments to build a strong case against paedobaptism. He also gives a detailed look at how the regulative principle of worship is violated by the practice of paedobapstim; shows inconsistencies between many paedobaptists, even inconsistencies with their own selves, and reveals inconsistencies in the application of hermeneutical principles necessary to affirm infant baptism:

Doug Van Dorn – “Waters of Creation” –  A biblical -theological study of Baptism in both the OT and NT:

Paul K. Jewett – “Infant Baptism and the Covenant of Grace” – One of the older arguments for believer’s baptism:

David Kingdom – “Children of Abraham” – Another of the older arguments for believer’s baptism:

Tom Schreiner – “Believer’s Baptism: Sign of the New Covenant in Christ” – Though the contributors all hold to a New Covenant Theology, which I do not recommend, there are some helpful articles in this book:

Baptism In Early Church History:

Stander and Louw – “Baptism In the Early Church”:

Everett Ferguson – “Baptism In the Early Church”


Sam and Micah Renihan – “Reformed Baptist Covenant Theology and Biblical Theology”:

Brandon Adams – “A Critique of R Scott Clark’s Covenant Theology”:

Greg Welty – “A Critical Evaluation of Paedobaptism”:

Tom Hicks – “No Proof of Paedobaptism”:

Sam Renihan – “The Case for Credobaptism”:

Richard Barcellos – “Paedoism or Credoism”:

Walt Chantry – “Baptism and Covenant Theology”:

Gavin Ortlund – “Why I Changed My Mind About Baptism”: